XI/EAI Services from CRP Solutions

Application Integration is more than just file transfers--it's not simply the passing of messages from one system to another. Enterprise Application Integration (XI/EAI) has evolved along with enterprise software and process-oriented middleware to become a critical enabler of business strategy in the 21st century.

Companies have struggled for decades with the problems inherent to complex systems that share information across the enterprise. There are problems with content, timing, and formatting and salience. Information flows have grown from batch-oriented nightly dumps to encompass real-time messaging at the very heart of sophisticated supply chain and e-business solutions. Solving these problems requires more than just knowledge of the data mapping and file routing elements of the chosen package. Process knowledge and understanding of the underlying business issues and opportunities is paramount.

CRP clients benefit from this knowledge as well as our deep skills and background in every aspect of an integration effort. CRP provides services in: